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Wouldn't You Love to have the Endless Energy and Health of a teenagar, with all the sexual energyand health of a disease-free body then...

"Discover How A Simple Supplement Will Instantly Make YouFeel And Look 10 Years Younger, Lose Weight, Boost Health, Stop Stress, Increase Energy Without The Crash, Bullet Proof Your Body Agaist Diseases, Build Muscle Mass A Few Short Days."

This ancient 4, 000-year-old herb was the secret used by ancient kings to live longer, feel younger, have more energy, and stop stress. Now you can get it all with what can be called “nature's miracle preventive medicine.” The Best part: It is all-natural and safe to use and can be used by kids, adults, and elderly people alike.

Best part: this magic herb has over 300 independent studies and a 4,000-year-old “time-tested” history that proves it will

  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Stop Stress And Anxiety
  • Eliminate Bloat And Lethargy
  • Eliminate Insomnia
  • Increase Weight Loss By Optimizing Your Thyroid System
  • Suppress Arthritis Pain
  • Increase Deep Sleep
  • Make You Feel And Look Younger
  • Proven To Prevent To Minimize Cancer-Growing Cells
  • Allow You To Build Muscle And Strength Faster
  • Act As A Tonic Of Youth- Preventing The Effects Of Aging
  • Boost Sexual Performance
  • Suppress Diabetes And High Blood Pressure
  • Boost Fertility in men and women,
  • Correct menstrual disorders
  • Remove tiredness and give you a super boost without the crash of energy drinks

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Mukerjee.

As a doctor, I know first hand that your immune system is the key to having an ageless body and mind, a body that is free of disease and stress. You see, that is why I write, and that is why I am so excited to introduce my breakthrough product, PRI Ashwaganda. You see, the main component of my PRI Ashwaganda is, well, Ashwaganda, which is truly a miracle herb by all definitions. In Arjuveda (the ancient science of Indian medicine), it is know as a sasavana herb, which means it works on a non-specific basis to increase health and to boost your immune system and longevity. This means no matter what state you are in life, no matter how young or old you are, and no matter what health goal you have, you need to be taking my PRI Ashwaganda. Why?

It is an immune system booster. Let me explain why. A super immune system is essential. An immune system is a collection of biological processes within your body that protects your body against diseases and premature aging simply by identifying and killing bacteria, viruses, and tumor cells. A strong immune system will detect a wide variety of disease-causing agents, from viruses and bacteria to worms, and protect your body against these disease- causing pathogens. Most disease and premature aging come about through a weak immune system! So, if you are suffering from arthritis, stress, colds, pains and aches, lack of energy, poor sexual performance, it is simply due to a poor immune system.

What Makes PRI Ashwaganda A “Miracle Herb”?

Before I go on, I want to educate you a little bit about my PRI Ashwaganda.

Ashwaganda is also known as Indian ginseng; it is used in ayurvedic medicine in a way similar to that ginseng and has been beneficial in the treatment of type II diabetes and sexual dysfunction in men. This means if you suffer from diabetes and sexual dysfunction or if you simply want improved sexual health, PRI Ashwaganda is for you – in fact, a 2002 study by the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (published in the annals of the New York Academy of Sciences) found that in laboratory animals, both Asian and American forms of ginseng enhance libido and sexual performance., as Ashwaganda, in this case, works by boosting the central nervous system and sexual system. In fact, Ashwaganda was shown to facilitate penile erection - which simply means it will improve your performance in the bedroom and give your love life a boost.

But my PRI Ashwaganda has even more powerful benefits. Studies indicate ashwagandha possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor (suppresses cancer- casing agents), anti-stress properties (stops and reduces stress);, it is a powerful antioxidant (eats up cancer- casing free radicals);, it boosts your immune system, increases white and red blood count , and has rejuvenating properties which will revive and stimulate your body and mind.

Ashwaganda is so powerful that it has also been cited to have positive benefits on your endocrine, cardiopulmonary, and central nervous systems. You see, a healthy endocrine system is important because it is what regulates your metabolism, growth, development and puberty, and tissue function, and it also plays a part in determining your mood, meaning with my PRI Ashwaganda you will burn more fat and calories more easily, and when combined with a fat-burning workout and diet, you will be able to lose the pounds effortlessly. It is also great for kids and adults alike, allowing them to grow the healthiest and fastest way possible.

Aside from all these benefits, Ashwaganda is super safe; Many studies have shown it to not only have powerful immune system boosting prosperities, but it also to come with no associated toxicity or harmful side effects. So you can rest assured that not only will my PRI Ashwaganda boost your immune system, but it also does so all-naturally and safely!

Are you or anyone you know suffering from arthritis? Well there is hope because Ashwaganda has shown promising effects on suppressing rheumatologic and arthritic conditions; it will not cure them, but it will ease the pain and prevent further damage. In another study, Ashwaganda was shown to have similar properties to anti-inflammatory drugs (anti-arthritis drugs) but without the side effects.

Another showed that Ashwaganda was able to reduce joint swelling and inflammation as seen in arthritis patients; in fact, the results were better than the typical arthritic drug, hydrocortisone (15 mg/kg). I want you to read what I just wrote; this study by Begum et. al actually showed even more promising benefits than a well-known chemical arthritis drug called hydrocortisone.

Another study by al Hindawi et al showed even more convincing results with Ashwaganda for arthritis. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over study, 42 patients with osteoarthritis were randomized to receive a formula containing Ashwaganda or a placebo for three months. Patients were evaluated for one month, pretreatment, during which time all previous drugs were withdrawn. During both the pretreatment and treatment phase, the study proved that Ashwaganda in the herbal formula significantly reduced the severity of pain and disability.

Ashwaganda Suppresses Pain

Ashwaganda is a powerful anti-inflammatory (stops swelling and pain) natural herbal remedy; few studies have been conducted on the mechanism of action for the anti-inflammatory properties of ASHWAGANDA. In one study, rats that were given Ashwaganda showed its anti-inflammatory effects. Similar results were obtained in parallel experiments using Ashwaganda. These studies suggest that Ashwaganda may suppress pain and swelling.

Still Not Convinced About My Pri Ashwaganda? Then Read On …

ASHWAGANDA Has Super Anti-Tumor Properties

This one is the most exciting for me, simply because having the potential ability to treat cancer patients means even better things if you are healthy. As you know, cancer-causing free radicals patrol every human body waiting for a weak immune system break down to attack healthy cells. Well, Ashwaganda will boost your immune system and give you healthy “cancer-resistant cells” protection.

Ashwaganda has also been shown to have possible uses in treating various forms of cancer; it has powerful anti-tumor and radio-sensitizing effects. In one study, ASHWAGANDA was evaluated for its anti-tumor effect in urethane-induced lung adenomas in adult male albino mice; the use of ASHWAGANDA reduced tumor growth significantly!

Ashwaganda treatment also reversed the adverse effects of cancer; it was able to help boost body weight, and decreased mortality rate (reduced death rate). These claims were proven in Sarcoma 180 (S-180); these studies are suggestive of anti-tumor activity as well as enhancement of the positive effects of radiation treatment by ASHWAGANDA.

Want To Lose Weight, But Can't?

Then you need PRI Ashwaganda ; not only will Ashwaganda clean out your liver and make it work perfectly, but it is also used in traditional Indian medicine to support the thyroid gland. It enhances thyroid function and produces a significant increase in t4 thyroid function; in other words, it allows your thyroid - which is the regulator of your metabolism and weight loss system - to work at its optimal level, allowing you to effectively lose weight when you want. You see, many people can't lose weight no matter what diet they follow because their thyroid system is not working as it should. PRI Ashwaganda ensures your thyroid and metabolism work the way they should.

Here Is Why You Can't Lose Weight, No Matter How Hard You Try!

Diet products and programs do not work because they don't address the core problem, which is a poor immune system; no matter what kind of exercise program or diet you follow, you won't be able to recover from the exercise or absorb the nutrients of the food if your immune system is not optimally functioning, which is why my PRI ASHWAGANDA is a must if you want to lose weight and look and feel leaner.

Are You Stressed Out? Take PRI Ashwaganda To Reduce Stress!

Do you have stress? Well, you need Ashwaganda to suppress - if not stop - stress. Now, fighting stress is the key to amazing health and beauty. You see, stress is what causes most diseases like aging, weight gain, hormonal problems, hair loss, skin diseases, poor self image, and so much more, and Ashwaganda instantly reduces stress. And if you find it hard to sleep, Ashwaganda will calm you down and allow you to get a better sleep, which will also increase and boost your immune system.

And if you are an athlete, Ashwaganda will help you recover faster, which means you will be able to play harder, move faster, and recover more quickly, giving you an edge in any sport.You can truly get a competitive advantage if you take part in any kind of physical sport or activity with the help of my PRI Ashwaganda.

So, if you are stressed out, Ashwaganda can help alleviate stress levels. A study was done to evaluate the anti-stress effect of Ashwaganda in a swimming performance test in water. The use of Ashwaganda extracts approximately doubled the swimming time when compared to control. subjects, pointing to the fact that Ashwaganda will allow you to be a better all-around athlete.

These studies suggested that ASHWAGANDA induced a state of nonspecific increased resistance during stress. Ashwaganda was shown to exhibited significant anti-stress activity in forced swimming.

This means it has powerful anti-stress benefits and is great for anyone who feels tired and would like a mild boost! If you feel depressed and tired and have virtually no energy, you need my Ashwaganda pills. They will put a zest in your life that simply awakens you and makes you feel super young and healthy.

Ashwaganda Is The Best Solution If You Want To Build Bigger And Stronger Muscles.

Ashwaganda has been shown to also exhibit anabolic activity, measured as an increase in body weight and muscle mass levels, which is great for everyone. As you may know, the more muscle you have, the leaner and healthier you will be and the more calories you will burn at rest.. In short, Ashwaganda is great for any athlete wanting to become more muscular, leaner, and fitter, and it is perfect for you if you want to gain muscle weight.

My PRI Ashwaganda Has A Powerful Antioxidant Effect.

Ashwaganda has powerful antioxidant effects. You see, your brain and nervous system are relatively more susceptible to free radical damage (cancer-causing agents) than other tissues because they are rich in lipids and iron, both known to be important in generating reactive oxygen hormones and a good immune system.

You need Ashwaganda to suppress and destroy cancer-causing free radical damage of your nervous tissue because these free radicals have been shown to contribute to neuronal loss in brain function and may be involved in normal aging and also in causing neurodegenerative diseases such as epilepsy, schizophrenia, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other diseases.

Use Ashwaganda To Boost Your Immune System!

My Ashwaganda, when used as a general tonic, increases energy and prevents disease due to its effect on boosting your immune system. In one study ASHWAGANDA was shown to have significant increases in blood concentration, red blood cell count, white blood cell count, and increases in overall body weight

Aswaganda Is The Tonic Of Youth…

Everyone wants to feel younger, and very often you may resort to surgery and other chemical alternatives. Well, you can dip yourself into the fountain of youth by taking my PRI Aswaganda . But it gets even better because Ashwaganda has powerful Rejuvenating Effects. In a study, Ashwaganda was shown to have growth-promoting effects. In this study, 60 kids between the ages of 8 and 12 were divided into five groups of twelve for 60 days. The groups that took Ashwaganda experienced a slight increase in hemoglobin, packed cell, red blood count, volume, serum iron, body weight, and hand-grip strength.

Ashwaganda can delay or stop hair loss, provided it is not strictly due to genetics.

Ashwaganda was also shown to increase body weight in all groups that took Ashwaganda over the control group; the group that used Ashwaganda showed significantly increased blood count and remarkable improvement in hair color (makes your hair look youthful, and makes it take on its original healthy color) melanin and as it reduced stress, you are likely to not lose hair due to stress! It will also boost your immune system, which is necessary for fast hair growth.

Treat Depression, And Always Be Happy !

Are you depressed? Ashwaganda does even more because studies show a positive Nervous System Effect. How does it work in removing depression and stress? It has been shown to have a taming effect on your body and acts as a mild depressant (tranquilizer) on the central nervous system. My PRI Ashwaganda calms you down and acts as a mild sedative, so if you have problems sleeping, Ashwaganda will allow you to have a great night's sleep without knocking you out. Because of its powerful effects on the central nervous system and the brain, Ashwaganda has been shown to improve your memory, and it is great if you are suffering from temporary memory loss – which is great for the elderly and for adults who are studying!

Want A Healthy Heart And Lungs?

Ashwaganda has powerful benefits for your hearth and lungs.

A study showed that Ashwaganda can lower blood pressure and allow proper heart function, Respiratory-stimulant action, was shown in a study that showed Aswaganda to stimulate the vasomotor and respiratory centers in the brain stem of dogs.. POINT IS IF YOU WANT a good strong heart you need to be taking my PRI aswaganda

I hope you can now see why I am so excited, I firmly believe that my PRI ASHWAGANDA is the super immune system booster, a health and “youth” tonic. You need it! Quite literally, it has been proven useful in younger as well as older populations as a general health and youth tonic.


Ashwaganda is not only deemed the miracle plant, but it is also safe and all-natural

To this date, there has been no study that indicates its potential for harmful effects; no study has shown any acute, sub-acute, sub-chronic or chronic toxicity of ASHWAGANDA root powder, whole plant powder, or different extracts of the plant.

I hope I have shown why you need to start taking this powerful natural supplement, but not all Ashwaganda is the same. Before today, most of the Ashwaganda you could get was from India , and it was diluted, and manufactured under less than strict GMP standards; in short, you were not getting what you paid for.


As I mentioned, I am medical doctor; I have advanced degrees in medicine, in Phytotherapy (which is the Scientific Study of Herbs), and a Ph.D. in pharmacology. I have a deep ethical responsibility to make sure that I not only use the best source of Ashwaganda, but that I also have to make sure that my pills actually work and deliver on my promises.

You see, until today it was not readily available in North America, and to get the purest form of the herb, you would have had to travel to India. You would also have to have a trusted source to get the right herb with the right concentrations. YOU would need to know where the herb is grown and under what conditions, and what kind of species it is, and you would have to have the ability to locate the right source. Then you would also need to know how it is extracted and then manufactured, as it is a delicate and precise process. Understand that the purest Ashwaganda is not cheap, but, as a doctor, I don't let that deter me from delivering the absolute best product possible that actually delivers on its promises. v

I want you to understand that there are over 20 KINDS OF ASHWAGANDA, AND also that DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE HERB ARE USED, as each part delivers different results.

Some Ashwaganda products may contain parts of the herb that do not contain the alkaloids that are beneficial to the immune system; they may rather use the cheaper but ineffective leaf and fruit parts, which contain chlorogenic acid (in leaf only) and cysteine (fruit) - meaning they may be cheaper to produce, but they won't deliver the results of the right source of Ashwaganda like my PRI Ashwaganda.. Further more my PRI aswagnada has a 4:1 extract ratio which means taking my pills is like taking 1600 mg of the natural herb, most Ashwaganda on the market are of low concentration such as 1 to 8. In short you get a super powerful form of the herb in my PRI Ashwaganda

Fact is, you know what you are getting with My PRI Ashwaganda because it is hand-selected by me and then manufactured in North America under strict guidelines with three independent government-regulated companies that make sure the quality is assured.

Every part of the manufacturing process is checked and verified; I also have permission to sell this as a natural health product. No part of the quality of my product has been compromised for profit.

The cost of the bottle is just $59.99 plus $7 shipping and handling; it is crucial that you use the supplement always, since you always want to make sure that your immune system is kept strong. As such a bottle of my Ashwaganda will last you thirty days, try it and see. I assure you that in a week, you will feel changes taking place as your immune system is getting a boost.

Is $59.99 worth it? That is a little more than a dollar a day! A cup of coffee will cost more, and the cup of coffee will deliver nasty side effects you will not like or deserve.

So is $59.99 worth it to you? You bet! Ask yourself; would you like to be disease-free as much as possible - to at least reduce the chances of getting ill?. Would you like to look and feel at least 10 years younger? Would you like to have abundant energy without the crash (as with energy drinks and coffee)??

Would you like to be better in the bed room and healthy and always energetic? would you like a way to beat stress and suppress depression? Would you like to build muscle mass and develop a healthy liver and heart? Then my PRI Ashwaganda is for you and your family! Quite frankly, this miracle product needs to be in the house of every person; you need your kids and loved ones to use this…

It Is Much Like A Multi-Vitamin With Even Better Potential Benefits .

  • You will get better in bed and have relentless energy, and if you are trying to get pregnant, my PRI is a perfect supplement for you.
  • You will get younger-looking hair, as your immune system stimulates healthy growth of hair; you will also see hair loss reduce or stop.
  • No matter how old or young you are now, my PRI ASHWAGANDA WILL make you feel 10 years younger.
  • Friends and family will ask, "What do you do to look so vibrant, youthful, and energetic?"
  • You will look years younger and more attractive and sexy... (A healthy immune system makes you look years younger instantly!)
  • You will feel good and confident about yourself. And because you'll never have a tired or stressed-out day, you will never have a bad day at work or at home. (The day goes more smoothly when your body and health cooperates with you!)

My PRI ASHWAGANDA is the safest, most potently effective ASHWAGANDA YOU CAN GET on the market today to "make you look years younger, feel year younger, boost sexual energy, build muscle mass, give you a super immune system that will make you healthier and happier."

If you are interested in trying my PRI ASHWAGANDA and having the immune system of a teenager, then you are in for a pleasant surprise...instead of paying the retail price of $59.99 (plus shipping and handling )for a one month supply, a one month supply of my PRI ASHWAGANDA (a 90-pill bottle) can be purchased for just $39.99 (plus $10 shipping and handling).
This means you save over $17 dollars today. It is an absolute give-away when you consider the length I got to make sure only the best source of Ashwaganda is used. That is about a dollar a day for vibrant health and energy! But I will make it risk free for you with my…

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Here is how it works: Try this amazing PRI ASAGANDA for yourself. If you are not completely convinced that my amazing ASHWAGANDA supplement is everything I've said it is after trying it for a full 30 days, then simply return the rest of the bottle, and immediately receive a personal check for the purchase price! As a doctor, I completely trust in my product and believe that after you have tried it and experienced the same results as hundreds of other people who have already tried my PRI Ashwaganda, you will find that you won't need the 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

And why would you? Just imagine how easy it will be to be disease free, to have energy, to have a great immune system and the health, heart, and lungs of a teenager. You will never feel tired, stressed, or depressed, and you will never have a “feel-bad day” ever again! Once you try PRI ASHWAGANDA, you will want to secure an unlimited supply! Most of our customers become die-hard customers and will not be found dead without my PRI Ashwaganda.

30 days is plenty of time to try it out because I promise that you will see improvements in your health and energy levels in just a few short weeks! Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose with a money back guarantee if you feel PRI Ashwaganda is not for you!

Why are we doing this? We know you will be absolutely thrilled with the results, so that we can make this RISK FREE offer to you; we also know that once you use the pills for just 7 days, you will never do without it. Trust me, most of our club members won't be caught dead without my PRI ASHWAGANDA pills - and why would they give all the health benefits I have shown you?

We also know how powerful this miracle herb is , and I know that if you try it just for a week, you will be able to instantly FEEL and see differences in your energy levels, mood, and overall well-being.

Listen, there is absolutely nothing like it out there; sure, you have tried many COLON CLEANSERS AND immune boosters, and you may have gotten some successes, but nothing does it like PRI ASHWAGANDA. Using PRI ASHWAGANDA is like getting all your favorite health supplements on one pill; you have an anti-stress pill, a weight loss pill, an anti-arthritic pill, an anti-depression pill, a liver cleaner, a heart health pill, etc. all on one bottle, and it is all natural with absolutely no harmful side effects!

Here Is How to Order :
For the fastest possible service, take out your credit card (Visa, Master Card, Amex or Diners) and click the "subscribe " button below, and enter all your details. Don't worry; it is super secure and safe!


That's all there is to it! As soon as your order is received, your PRI Ashwaganda will be sent to you by USPS first-class mail!

P.S. As a special bonus, if you are one of the first 200 people to try my PRI Ashwaganda Risk Free, you will receive free membership into our preferred Customer Club, where you will receive a $10 discount off every future bottle of Ashwaganda. In addition, so that you do not go a day without using my PRI ASWAFANDA, you will automatically receive a new 30-day supply every month, and we will bill you just $29.99 (plus $10 shipping and handling rather than the retail price of $49.99 plus $10 shipping and handling). Trust me, after a week of using PRI ASHWAGANDA, you will not want to live a day without this powerful health and immune supplement. There is absolutely no minimum to buy, and you can cancel instantly at any time by simply using the cancel subscription link in your payment email, which you receive when you order! You've got nothing to lose, and every possible health benefit to gain when you order now!

"Here is what people are saying" Testimonials

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products offered at this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease. PRI ASHWAGANDA IS A SUPPLEMENT


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