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Real Testimonials From Real Users Of Mira Hair Oil

These are unedited (So there are grammar and spelling errors) and real testimonials. All documented and available on request. A tiny sample of the hundreds of testimonials we have from people who have solved their hair problems by using Mira hair oil. And you will too

Get Youthful Hair Back Again—Get Hair That Feels And Looks Like A Little Girl

Greetings,  I have curly and thin hair. Through my adult life it has been very difficult to manage it, always looked dry, frizzy, dull, did not grow and fall off pretty often.  Some time back in September of last year, my hair started falling off simply out of control.  I was getting very concern more so when I went for a trim and the hair dresser was in shock of how much hair I was loosing.  Her Advise to me was to seek medical attention.   I don't believe in taking meds and therefore I started researching for something natural to help me with the problem I was having.  I found Mira Oil through an email that I was sent by the Mira Herbs website, interesting!   I ordered it in hopes that will be some aid to some of my hair problems.   This product is really amazing!!   From the very fist time I started using it, the hair texture changed, it very soft, manageable and my curls are beautifully define.  I use it 2-3 times a week and been using it for the past 4 months.  All my hair problems stopped, my hair looks amazing, growing and there is a lot of baby hair, my scalp is very clean and healthy.    The memory I have when I was a little girl is that I had a lot of hair and and beautiful curls.  Well, my hair feels and looks just like when I was a little girls.  I love the way how my hair looks and love my curls.   I also use the Nu Scrub (Mira hair gel) to style my hair and that give a really great shine and softness to my curls.  This product it is amazing, thank you so much!  and no, I am not getting pay to tell you my experience.   I want to share with who have similar problems in hopes it will help you.   You will have no regrets. 
 Again, thank you so much for this amazing product.  I believe in natural products and this is one of my kind, simply Love it!!  Oh and the shampoo is just as amazing. 
 Recently I went to see my hair dresser and she was amazed of how much baby healthy hair I have and the texture of my hair...she was very impressed of the change, texture and shine.  The wonderful thing for me is that I don't have to use all kind of different products, I keep it very simple by using the scrub to style my hair.   Sincerely, Rosie K
Rocio King, Magnolia Blvd ,Encino, CA 91316 United States

Grows Hair And Stops Thinning Hair Even When Dermatologist Give Up On You

Lladira Garcia, Grand Rondo, Crescent City, FL 32112, United States writes
I’m going to start by tell you how wonderful this Mira oil is. I have only been using this oil for about 30 day and I can see what a great product this is oil and by the way this bottle goes a long way. I have nice nails, skin and hair THANK to MIRA OIL. I have really had serious hair loss for about 3 years. I even when to a dermatologist and got my hormones check and all they told me was, that every thing look good so, they called it STRESS. So, then I started using all the products on the market. I have spent lots and lots of money on products that have been no good.
Then I purchased this Mira oil and for the first time I was happy. Within a few weeks I could see how powerful and amazing this oil really is. My hair stopped falling out within two weeks I was overjoyed to see how I brushed my hair and see there was no hair  left on the brush. I usually have oily skin, so at first I had a little concern that this oil would make me a lot oilier. But this amazing oil even controlled my oily skin I have no more blackheads. This has been the best thing that has happened to me. I really love this product. I would never sit here and write this if this Mira oil was not this powerful. I stand 100% behind this product because I have gone through to much trying to keep my hair on my head and this Mira oil is like a miracle to me. I have had the most wonderful experience with Mira oil I no longer have hair loss. Now I have long nails, nice skin thick hair and I feel grate. Thank you for this Mira oil, this oil has totally changed my life. I was always worried because my hair was so thin you could actually see my scalp and that really bothered me. But now I’m so proud of my hair I even get complements on it. Thanks aging ya’ll are the best!

Double Your Hair Growth

 I purchased the Mira Oil because I have brittle bleached blonde hair that was breaking off at the touch.  With use of this oil every other day, it has made my hair stronger, shinier, and silky to the touch.  Prior to the use of this oil, my hair was a trashed.  This oil has restored my natural wave and body.  This oil has helped me feel better about myself and my hair.  I feel less insecure about leaving the house now since I have used this oil.  I love it because it works.  This is a natural product designed to add life and luster to hair that is over processed.  I can’t live without this oil.  It has also helped my scalp heal from the harsh bleaching processes; and, with daily massaging to the scalp, it has stimulated my hair follicles to grow.  I was averaging a ¼ of an inch each month.  Now, I am at a half inch each month.  So, that is double the growth.  While individual results will vary, I am pleased with this product.
I use it every other day by massaging it into my scalp starting from the bottom and moving up towards my temples.  I pay special attention to my crown area where the bleach has caused my hair to break.  Then, I run the Mira Oil through the ends.  The end result is that it is shiny and silky.  Remember, a little goes  long way.  This products lasts me about 3 months. 
I give permission to use my testimonial.  I noticed a change within the first week.  My hair shedded less, and started to get stronger.  Now, I can run my fingers through without any breakage!     

Stephanie white ,North Grouse Loop, Wasilla, AK 99654,United States

Grows Hair Long, Thick And Healthy Fast

i was desperate for something that was going to make my hair long, thick and healthy. i literally have tried everything. i ran across mira hair oil online one day, i was very skeptical but i thought i'd give it a try. it got here suprisingly fast. i started using it every other night and rub it into my hair, massaging the scalp for 10 mins before bed.  the next morning i use the shampoo. it always makes my hair amazingly soft, i love it. my dead ends started looking a lot better and my hair was no longer dry.  i've only been using it about a month but i've already seen hair growth.. i love the oil because it doesn't have a bad smell, it's actually pretty much odorless. i used to have dry hair and scalp and since using mira hair oil my hair has been soft and shiny and also my scalp has been dandruff and itch free. 
Melanie Mitchell ,melxxxx@yahoo.com (email hidden for privacy and spam)

Stops An Itchy Scalp And Regrows Hair Fast- For Men And Women

I would like to share my experience with Mira oil.  My wife was using Mira oil and her normally thin, brittle hair was looking amazing.  She suggested that I start to use the Mira oil to see if it would have a positive effect on my dry, flaky scalp condition.  I was so frustrated with the constant itching and embarrassing white flakes that I was definitely willing to try it!  I had tried many different brands of shampoos and none of them had worked so far.  So, I started putting the oil on the dry flaky spots in the morning on the days that I would be able to wear a ball cap.  That way the oil could work all day and then I could shampoo it out in the evening.  The oil soothed the itchy area on my scalp right away and cut down on the flaking too.  It didn’t take long for the itching and flaking to stop all together.  Now I have my healthy scalp back and am no longer embarrassed to go without my hat!  It is great that Mira oil doesn’t have any kind of smell so that I can put it on during the day without a problem.  Not long after my scalp improved my wife noticed that the hair on the very top of my head was starting to get thin.  So, now I am putting the Mira oil on that area and have started to notice some hair growing back.  I feel confident using Mira oil since it is all natural and not full of harsh chemicals like a lot of the other products on the market today used for hair growth.  I feel like I was able to stop my hair loss before it got out of hand.  Mira Oil has made a huge difference in how I feel about my hair.
Steve And Michelle Wood , Walke Road ,Friendship, MD United States

Grows Hair So Fast You Can Outgrow A Bad Hair Cut—Beats The Commercial Hair Growth Products Without Side Effects

Hi,  Just to let you know, I had hair transplant surgery in June of 2010.  I searched on the web for a product that would enhance the growth of my new follicle transplants as well as repair the scar tissue from the incision and allow the scalp to retain its normal position after surgery.  I started using Mira hair oil and noticed the moisture benefits to the hair and scalp.   I did notice the hair was coming in thicker and healther.  This was important to me since a persons first transplant is to reconstruct the hairline which means that a subject takes “2-steps back”.  They loose the existing hair.  Anyway, after 10day of surgery, I had to get my stitches removed, and the surgeoun told me the scar is very fine.  After 4 months, my hair was at a length that looked like it was natural growth.  At this point I stopped using my Rogaine, as I only like natural products and continued with the Mira Hair Oil.  Unfortunately, in November 2010, I got the worst haircut EVER, which means the “so-called” stylist buzzed it so short, you could see the scar.  I went into Hyper-use with the Mira Hair Oil, using it every night.  By February, my hair was so long and healthy looking that I was picked for a modeling shoot.  So, now, I have not had Mira Hair oil for a few months, I just received another transplant (December 2011) and need the Mira Hair Oil again.  Prior to surgery, as I always seek to do natural treatments, I searched a holistic medical health professional.  They tested me and strongly suggested to go back on the Mira Hair Oil.  I asked them about the Morrocan oil, or Rogaine or Kevis and they said no.  Other than taking fish oil, and cooking with Coconut oil, they said the testing affirms my body works best with the Mira Hair Oil and will provide the quickest natural healing benefits.
 David Palmer dpxxxxr@surgitecfloors.com (email hidden for privacy and spam prevention)

71 Year Old Woman Grows 9 Feet Of Hair For Cancer Society

Just wanted to say I love both the oils and have been using the gro oil for quite some
time. I believe I have been getting it for probably 2 years now. Anyway I wanted to tell you
that since I begun to use it! I was able to give 9 inches away to the cancer society.
Now that is quite a feat for a 71 year old lady. smile   Now I am growing my hair back

I love the oil and use it just like you explained. I only wash my hair once a week on Sundays before I go to church. My hair is again growing since I had it cut and I am happy with the oil. 
Both of you have a very Blessed Christmas and Happy New Years as well since I won't
be hearing from you till next year. smile
Doris J. Gibson, Gould Rd ,Columbus, OH United States








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