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How Long Does It Take To Grow Long Hair Thick and Healthy?


People are often in a quandary about how to make their hair grow faster. The answer to how long does it take to grow long hair is that it depends on your hair type and how you nurture your hair. Normal hair grows by about 0.5mm per day so in a month, you can expect to see a growth of about 1.5cm which is about half inch.
Genetics does play an important role in determining the way your hair grows. The younger you are, the faster it will grow and certain conditions where the hormones are affected, such as pregnancy also affects hair growth. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you can expect it to take about four years on an average to see it grow beyond shoulder length and to the waist. However, there is no hard and fast rule that can pre-determine the length your hair will grow to on an average.
There are several things you can do to hasten the growth of hair naturally.
*Make sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat the right foods that contain essential vitamins, minerals and supplements.
*Trim hair regularly as split ends that are formed travel upwards and damage the entire strands of hair leading to the hair follicles. Removing these damaged and dead ends will ensure that the new hair that is produced at the hair shaft grows thicker and stronger.
If you wish to grow your hair long, you can try aiding the growth by using hair clips to tie the hair into a ponytail during the day. Leave it loose at night. Hair will start growing slowly and when it grows to a particular length, swirl it around and with the aid of clips gather it elegantly on the top of your head and let it fall behind in an engaging hair style. You may find some tendril beginning to grow as well which will start to frame your face. You can leave them to form little curls or use Bobbie pins to clip them neatly in place.
If you wish to know how long does it take to grow long hair, you can watch the rate at which your hair grows and gauge the length, you would finally like it to be at and you will have a fair idea of the time it takes, when you wish to grow it out long.
Hair can be styled in various ways using accessories such as chopsticks and pencils to hold it in place. You can try out becoming hairstyles when you are in class and give it a trendy style. Have fun with your hair and enjoy growing it out long and strong. Do not use rubber bands and metal clips as they can cause hair to break easily.
These are simple yet exciting ways to enjoy watching your hair grow long and strong. Try various hairstyles and spike it with interesting accessories, alligator or bulldog hair clips to hold it in place. Mix and match items of interest from your wardrobe to enjoy sporting a crowning head of glory.



how long does it take to grow hair long
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