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Discover The Secrets To Getting  Faster Hair Growth

Slow hair growth can be attributed to several causes including effects of medication, diet issues and scalp infection. Hair is said to be healthy if 90% of it achieves growth at any point in time while the rest 10% is inactive or resting. The inactive hair usually falls off naturally to pave way for new hair. This may take a couple of months. During the growth of new hair, healthy hair grows at an approximate rate of ½ inch per month. This might be different to people with medical or genetic condition which might cause hair thinning or loss. If you have these conditions or you crave for more and healthier long hair, there are natural and medicinal strategies which you can apply. Whatever your case or motivation, this article provides the necessary tips that can help you to achieve faster hair growth.
Here are a few powewrful tips that will help you grow hair out

Pay attention to a balanced diet

A balanced diet is vital to achieve healthy and fast-growing hair. Besides taking a balanced diet constituting of unprocessed foods, it is crucial to incorporate specific nutrients that enhance faster hair growth. Whatever you take cannot have any effect on already grown hair, but will certainly affect any new growth.

Ensure you take enough proteins. Some proteins help to form keratin, a structural constituent of a hair strand. Healthy protein sources including fish, eggs, lean meat, soy products, nuts and beans are vital building blocks for accelerated hair growth. Take sufficient amounts of zinc and iron. Zinc and iron deficiencies can result to poor hair growth. Zinc helps the body to repair and grow new tissues including the hair while iron is essential in oxygen transmission to the hair follicles.

Don't reduce fats from your diet. Healthy fats are paramount to hair growth. Fats further aid in assimilation of vitamins A, D, E and K, which are vital for hair growth. Meet the recommended vitamin C intake. This helps in avoiding weak and dry hair that is susceptible to breakage. Vitamin C further helps in building of collagen fiber for new hair cells production

Scalps massage your hair

Regular scalp massages of your hair are extremely beneficial in natural faster hair growth. Hot oil treatment plays a major role in promoting proper circulation necessary to have the scalp stimulated. In addition application rosemary oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc provides good nourishment to your scalp. Always remember to remove scalp residue through weekly hair rinse. This helps to avoid the residue from clogging the hair follicles, a condition that might hamper faster hair growth.

Always keep your hair moisturized

Moisture helps the hair to attain healthier and faster growth. Apply moisturizers on your hair by focusing on dry ends and cautiously avoiding the scalp. Conditioners can be used for this purpose. Regular oil and conditioning treatments are important. Furthermore, you shouldn't shampoo your hair more often. For faster hair growth, do not brush your hair while wet. However, you may comb it when semi-moist using a wide-teethed comb.

Hair trimming

Hair trimming is often used to enhance faster and longer hair growth. This is done to try and remove split ends. Getting rid of split ends is necessary so as to have long hair. Hair trimming should be done regularly. The recommended period is after every 6-8 weeks.
Avoid stress and other related emotional conditions
Getting enough sleep and avoiding stress can cause your hair to grow longer and faster. Factors such as sleep deprivation, depression and stress have been found to contribute to hair loss
Finally make use of herbal hair growth oils. These are herbal hair oils that have herbs like hibiscus and Eclipta Alba. These herbs can promote faster hair growth. The one I recommend you use is called Mira hair oil. Use Mira hair oil in as little as three weeks and your hair will take on new life and will grow like weeds. Mira hair oil is like fertilizer for your hair. It works and works well
Suitable hair care routine and proper diet is undoubtedly the most valuable tools for faster hair growth.



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