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Join Mira Hair Oil And Make Some Money

You may or may not know of Mira hair oil. With Mira hair oil you can earn quite a bit of money. We are offering $40 on a $69.99 product or 70% commission on a $69.99 product. That means you make a cool $40 commission per sale to you. This is one of the highest if not highest commissions for any hair growth product you can find on the market. Mira hair oil, it pays $40 for every sale. We have affiliates who are doing $2000-$4000 a month and they just a few months ago. With $40 a sale it is like having your own product without the headaches of inventory, customer service and shipping. Plus we have been online for 10 years now. We started small but the popularity has grown as it does work wonders for most people. Mira hair oil compliments most products you sell and it can be a great up sell on your website Mira hair oil is sold as a hair growth booster as well as a hair loss preventor. So keywords like grow hair, grow long hair, make hair grow bring in great traffic without the competition

If you would like to see proof of earning please look below
What is Mira hair oil sales page- http://www.hair-grow-faster.info/

Affiliate page http://www.hair-grow-faster.info/affiliate.html
Conversion rates using a cold and very general email list from http://www.123greetings.com/
If interested I look forward to hearing from you if not I wish you the best still
Sign up here http://www.hair-grow-faster.info/affiliate.html

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Like I said this affiliate program is only a few months old and this is the time to jump on this opportunity

John Mentis


See Some Proof Of Mira Hair Oil Earning Ability

We pay on time and this is a great opportunity for you to get in on promoting Mira hair oil



Example of commissions paid to one affiliate

Example of conversions. Back in 2007 we promoted Mira hair oil using the same sales copy and got a high response rate. This is from a cold general list.Converion rates are 1-#% depending on the list

Frequently Asked Questions
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